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CW Yeshiva’s program is geared toward young men who are currently in college or working. It is a place where they can learn and have a sense of belonging while getting started on their professional journeys.

Wrapping Tefillin

The Yeshiva is integrated with the Manhattan Beach Kollel. MBK is made up of young, dynamic, worldly Talmidei Chachamim as well as wonderful, world-class Rabbanim. There are numerous diverse, stimulating shiurim and chavrusos options are available. CWY is a part of the well established, warm and accepting Manhattan Beach community.

We offer students a close relationship with the members of the Kollel, the Rabbanim and above all a very welcoming community.

This unique opportunity affords an out-of-town vibe only ten minutes from Flatbush.

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A place where a young professional can start his journey while strengthening his Jewish identity.

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(Suggested, not mandatory)


  • 7:30-8:00 am Halacha shiur by Rav Moshe Plutchok

  • 8:00 am Shacharis

  • 8:45 am Breakfast (served in shul) followed by a 30 min Halacha shiur by Rav Akiva Eisensdat

  • 3-6:00 pm The Kollel is learning Hilchos Shabbos (CW Yeshiva students are welcome to join if desired, but is not officially part of the CWY program)

  • Mincha is 10 min before shkia 

  • Maariv is at shkia (plus late Maariv in winter)

  • 8:00 pm (in the winter) 8:30 pm (in the summer).  Supper (served in shul) followed by night seder (90 minutes), chavrusos or shiurim by the Kollel.


  • Mincha before Shabbos, 10 min after candle lighting

  • Maariv

  • Seudah by Kollel or community members

  • 9:00 am Shacharis 

  • 11:00 am Gala community kiddush followed by seudah

  • Pirkei Avos shiur (summer) 90 min before shkia

  • Mincha 30 min before shkia

  • Seudah shelishis in shul

  • Maariv followed by havdalah

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Our campus

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  • Beis Midrash accessible 24/7

  • Library with 3000+ Seforim

  • Eruv approved by prominent Rabbis 

  • Housing in shared apartments each with a common area and kitchen

  • just a short walk to yeshiva

  • Indoor gym with full-size basketball court.

  • Outdoor heated swimming pool (used in the Summer)

  • Ping-pong room

  • 5 min away from the beach (for a night swim)

  • Seasonal community parties and trips!


Student Admissions

Join Us

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Yeshiva Requirements

  • Men 19+ Year old

  • Shomer Shabbos

  • Shomer kashrus

  • Must be in college or have a job

  • The students are required to learn in the beis midrash a minimum of one hour a day.  If necessary, contact us to arrange a schedule that suits you.

  • The students are encouraged to attend night seder when possible.

  • 6 month commitment

Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support

Rabbi Moshe Plutchok

Mara D’asra of Manhattan Beach and K’hal Ahavas Yisroel, Rosh Yeshiva of Derech Chaim and CW Yeshiva


Rabbi Akiva Eisenstadt

Mara D’asra of Manhattan Beach, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Zichron Aryeh, Rosh Yeshiva CW Yeshiva


Rabbi Yehuda Wechsler

Executive Director, Magid shiur


Rabbi Dovi Herzog

Magid Shiur


Rabbi Eli Raful

Magid Shiur


Rabbi Yehuda Herzberg

Daf Yomi, Magid Shiur


Rabbi Shmulie Kosman

Magid Shiur

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Contact Us

CW Yeshiva is ready to welcome you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our purpose, schedule, staff or anything else.

Please contact Rabbi Yehuda Wechsler

(929)990-6255 (call or text)

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